• Build Your Downline In Several Programs
  • Promote Just One Link To Build Your Downlines

Promote ONE Link For Multiple Programs!

The Goal Of Master Downline Builder Is To Help YOU Build Referrals In:

  • Safelists
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Traffic Exchanges with Jackpot
  • Viral Mailers
  • Viral Mailers With Jackpot
  • Paid To Click (PTC)
  • Downline Builders
  • Miscellaneous Programs

Welcome to Master Downline Builder! Whether you're a new or experienced marketer, our downline builder will help you get referrals to your programs.

Master Downline Builder is a free marketing tool that helps you build a downline in Multiple Businesses with very little effort. We do the hard work for you in advance, saving you time and effort, and make it super easy to pick up new referrals in several programs.

We use the unrivaled power of 'viral leverage' to ensure our members are regularly receiving new referrals to a constantly growing list of programs. New programs are added frequently based on our members suggestions, and as new programs become available.

Best Of All - It's Free!

Yep, FREE to be a member, add your referral ID's, and build your referrals, but you can upgrade for a small monthly fee and get commissions from referrals as well as be able to add your own programs. Master Downline Builder is partially supported by banner advertising. We do encourage you to purchase banner advertising as your budget allows at very economical prices.

There are currently 252 different programs inside Master Downline Builder. Once you have joined, you will be able to see your downline stats, utilize our promotional banners, etc.

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Here's How Our Program Works:

  • When you first signup, you will be provided with an affiliate link to promote. Once you update the programs page with your own affiliate ID's, and join the programs you are not a member of, you can start to promote our program.
  • When a new member signs up through your affiliate link, they will undertake the same setup -- joining the programs on the program page under your affiliate ID, then entering their own affiliate ID's into the programs page.
  • When they promote their affiliate link, their signups will do the exact same thing and fill out their affiliate links on the program page.
  • Keep in mind if you promote your affiliate link to Master Downline Builder and do not fill in your affiliate ID to the various programs, you will lose the referral in those programs if they join

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